by Frank on Tue 04 September 2018

One of the things we continue to improve at Spotlyte is helping you manage large amounts of user generated content. Managing real time posts during a conference or for a national marketing campaign on the web requires that you have the right tools to help you do it quickly and efficiently.

We showed you how to curate content with bulk actions and moderations previously. We've now introduced the ability to multi-select and act on content.

It's really simple! Watch this short video to see how multi-select actions work on Spotlyte:

You can also mix in multi-select with the search capability by first filtering down what you want to moderate, than muli-selecting through the results.

So to recap, Spotlyte now allows you to:

  • ban or approve individual posts
  • search and filter through all posts quickly
  • apply actions to all posts that are returned from search
  • selectively apply actions to any posts
  • automatically organize content into categories with rules

Quickly sorting, organizing, and curating your user generated content has never been easier on the Spotlyte platform. The ability to multi-select in addition to our other manual and automatic organizing features all help to make managing content a breeze.

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