As we wrote about before, modern digital signage technology like Spotlyte enables you to stream social media content to your screens. We showed you exactly how to setup your digital signage to show your social media in 4 easy steps. We continued developing our Spotlyte signage technology by introducing display loops to schedule content into your signage. Spotlyte's cloud based digital signage software transforms the way you manage your digital media across your screens.

Consider displays loops as a layer above your basic Spotlyte. Display loops enable you to sequence together different Spotlyte, or different visualizations of the same Spotlyte, or even external content hosted outside of Spotlyte.

A common use case for loops is to schedule together your generic social media UGC, a current short term marketing campaign, and maybe corporate slides. Each of these distinct things would live within it's own Spotlyte, and you could schedule and play its content with a display loop giving each Spotlyte a certain amount of time.

I'll go over the steps of how you'll schedule content into your digital signage using Spotlyte display loops. Let's start by assuming you already have 3 unique Spotlytes each containing different content. To schedule these 3 Spotlytes onto the same digital signage, you would:

  1. Create a display loop, and assign it a descriptive name, such as "Main Office Display"
  2. In the Display editor, click "Add Content To Loop" and select a Spotlyte, specify which visualization you want to show from it, and the duration you want this to run in the loop.
  3. Repeat step 2 for your other Spotlytes
  4. Click OK to commit the changes
  5. Click "Open Display" to open the URL that you can broadcast and share to your digital signage screens

Watch the following video which demonstrates how to schedule content in your digital signage screen:

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