by David T on Mon 20 November 2017

More organizations and teams are turning to Spotlyte to manage and publish their content across multiple channels. We started several years ago specializing in bringing all of your brand and corporation's user generated content (UGC) together and helping teams easily organize, annotate, and publish that content. Because of the ease and simplicity of our content management system, teams started requesting the ability to have their corporate and organizational content fed through the Spotlyte system as well.

The exciting new Box integration in Spotlyte is just one of the outcomes of that feedback. Now in addition to the other social and web content that Spotlyte automatically pulls into your feed, you can point to any of your corporate Box folders.

Communication teams, universities, and agencies all have indicated that their team shares and collaborates through Box and Dropbox folders. The inclusion of a Box filter ( and eventually a Dropbox filter ) enables your team to work in the same way it does today, except that your content will also automatically be fed into the Spotlyte system where you'll be able to manage and publish it across the Web, Intranet, and digital signage around the office.

Stay tuned for more news the Spotlyte platform continues to grow and evolve. Follow us on Twitter at @getspotlyte to find out what else we're building at Spotlyte

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