by Steve on Tue 20 February 2018

Spotlyte social media walls is the simplest way to broadcast real time and dynamic social media and branded content on displays around your office, venue, conferences, or events. Previously, Spotlyte enabled you to create any collection of social and branded content to stream onto a TV using a theme of your choice. Our users loved the simplicity of creating dynamic digital signage that were automatically updated with new content.

Display loops are a new addition to the Spotlyte Signage tool set that enables users to sequence together content from different Spotlytes, or different Spotlyte visualizations to create a more dynamic playlist of all your content.

Already several users have utilized it in creative ways.

Adding Variety to an Event's Social Media Wall

Display loops enable you to alternate between several different visualizations of the same Spotlyte. For a large conference with several screens throughout the facility, one team decided the best way to keep the screens feeling alive and dynamic was to switch between between different themes of their conference hashtag. This enabled them to play the Waterfall theme which is an autoscrolling theme of posts, followed by a Flip Panel theme which is an image focused theme where images flip into view, and finished up with a Slider theme that focuses on individual posts.

Using a single Spotlyte with multiple visualizations, this team was able to create a dynamic social media wall for their event. The following video shows an example of a display loop configured to alternate between different visualizations of the same Spotlyte.

Employee Engagement in the Office

Another one of our users is a large corporate team with multiple offices spread throughout the US and the world. Spotlyte is a hassle free way for their Communications team to broadcast corporate messages to their employees, mixed in with various social media employee engagement campaigns .

Furthermore, by using individual Spotlytes, each office can share messages that are relevant to that particular location. As a communications team, they can easily manage their global as well as localized messages using different Spotlytes.

Using display loops they can create one Display Loop for their Chicago location that plays their "Chicago Corporate Content" -> "Global Corporate Content" -> "#LifeAt Social Media Campaign", and similarly for other office locations. By sequencing Spotlytes together their team creates engaging, dynamic displays that keeps their employees informed with corporate news, as well as engaged with their fellow employees through social media campaigns.

Another benefit of display loops is the ability to schedule in external content. That is, content that can be reached from any URL. In this case, the team had corporate metrics to share amongst certain teams. So the display loops for that area of the office had an additional content item to point to their metrics page from their internal tool. So now interspersed with the rest of the corporate and social content were live graphs and metrics showing the progress of this certain team.

Digital Signage For Retail

Lastly, we have clients that previously were using Spotlytes to broadcast their social feeds or social media campaigns around their store displays . With the addition of display loops, these brands can now extend those displays to include special sale and promotional content that are collected in a separate Spotlyte. Individualized content that caters to the community or shoppers around a specific retail store.

Display loops are an exciting new addition to Spotlyte's expanding signage toolset. In combination with our existing social media aggregation and display tools, it creates a powerful suite of tools to help you engage audiences online or in real life.

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