by David T on Wed 15 August 2018

We introduced Categories, a simple way to organize your content, to the Spotlyte platform over a year ago. In that time, we've seen how content teams and marketers have used Categories to publish content and organize their marketing collateral. We've also spoken with many of you during that time to see how we can improve the concept and what would help you save time and be more effective at your job.

With that, we're now introducing a simple addition to Categories that should help in organizing a lot of your automatically crawled content. With Spotlyte you create filters that's fed into our crawlers to help pull content into your feed from various social networks, RSS feeds, or across the Web. Before this, you could create categories with specific keyword rules that would automatically categories any incoming content depending on what keywords they contained.

However, as we discovered and through working with many of our users, there are situations where you just want all of the content from a particular filter to be organized into a Category. Or you may want multiple filters to fall into a single Category. For example, you may want all your official corporate accounts to be Categorized in the "Official" category. Then you may want to show your Official Category content on a specific page on your corporate website.

With the addition of Filter Categories you can easily satisfy this use case, and many more that simply weren't possible before. Stay tuned for another follow up article that will describe exactly how this can be used.

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