by Frank on Fri 02 August 2019

Introducing the new Sliding Rows signage theme for your social media wall, venue or office signage displays. It's an exciting new theme in our ever increasing catalog of themes for vertical or horizontal screens, standard HD sizes or large format screens that stretch across a stage or stadium.

If you're looking for a theme that will look great on a large format wide screen that stretches across a stage at your conference or venue, then this is the theme for you. This means you don't have to fiddle with various settings to make sure the images, videos, and text fit properly on screen as we've accounted for all the sizing issues going from a regular screen to an ultra wide display. Or simply choose to use part of your wide screen, with the picture in picture capability of your A/V system to display the Spotlyte content on a portion of your screen. We've designed it specifically to a client's request to show live social media content streaming across the stage behind their speakers, as seen below:

Social Media Wall - Wide Screen

The Sliding Rows theme has all the awesome features you've come to expect for all Spotlyte signage themes. It automatically updates with new content meaning you don't need to refresh or wait a day for new content to show. Your screen will animate the new content as soon as it is posted. Video content will automatically load up and play, creating a dynamic signage display that gives you live video content with a few clicks of the button.

Switching or choosing this for your screen theme is simple. In the Spotlyte Display Editor, open the "Pick a Theme" panel, then scroll down and select "Sliding Rows".

You'll have several configuration options that are available specific to this theme including the number of rows you want scrolling across and the padding space in between posts and rows. You can also control the scrolling animation's speed and how often random items are popped up in a dialog.

If the screen size is something you want to customize on your social media event wall, you can specify the width or you can just leave it at the default "fit screen" and it will stretch across whatever screen size you have it on.

Try out the "Sliding Rows" theme today by creating your Spotlyte account, and creating your own social media live wall in minutes.

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