by David T on Mon 10 September 2018

We introduced the Spotlyte social media leaderboard last year to help event organizers and marketers increase social media engagement. It's been quite successful and popular with event professionals who discover how effective it is at boosting engagement with a real time social media contest at their event. Our users are pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to add a real time leaderboard to a streaming social wall, and the variety of templates and options that are available.

Here's just one example:

Social Media Leaderboard - Featured

Configurable Points

With the popularity of our Leaderboards, we started getting requests from teams that wanted to get more creative with their contests. Marketing teams and event organizers wanted to encourage specific types of posts, for example, more posts with images, or videos, or even posts that reference a specific livestream. To accomplish that, we just launched a new feature that allows you to define the amount of points a person gets for different types of things they post. Here are just some examples of the types of configurable points you can define with Spotlyte's Leaderboard:

  • Points for retweets of your content
  • Points for images
  • Points for videos
  • Points that contain a link to a specific URL
  • Points for mentioning your account
  • Points for hashtags

Each of these types of content can be defined with varying points, so for example, if your team wanted to encourage videos, you might design your contest where video posts are worth 20 points. Whereas posts with just a hashtag might just be worth a single point. With these types of nudges and motivations designed into your social media contests, you'll be sure to have higher engagements and higher amounts of content that are on brand, and relevant.

And in general, posts with images and videos are a great idea since it's been shown that they have higher engagement and conversion rates.

Here's a sample social media leaderboard configured with a variable point system:

VMWorld Social Leaderboard

Implementing a leaderboard with configurable points on your social media wall helps generate interest and engagement at your next conference. Try out the Spotlyte leaderboard and increase audience participation at your next event.

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