How do we increase our social media engagements? We often get asked this question by social media managers or event professionals who are looking for ways to capture the social media activity around a campaign, but also to boost and increase that activity. Engaging audiences on social media can be tricky, especially with the wide variety of things pulling their attention.

But everyone likes a game, and even more, everybody likes to win. So how can you incorporate a bit of gaming into your social media wall? Using the Spotlyte leaderboard feature, you can quickly turn your social media wall into a live leaderboard of most active users or most active tweeters.

Once users start to see their profile pictures flash on screen in the real time leaderboard, they will immediately start posting more around your brand, hashtag, or event in an attempt to ascend the rankings.

So let's take a look at what you can do with a real time leaderboard in your social media wall. How a leaderboard can increase audience participation. And what options you have in configuring and displaying your most active users on your social media wall.


The concept of the leaderboard is quite simple. Setup a Spotlyte around any number of hashtags, accounts, and handles. Enable the Leaderboard tracking, and immediately you will a real time picture of the most active posters. One of the major benefits of Spotlyte's real time social media monitoring solution is the ability to quickly and easily incorporate these types of engagement tools into your social media displays.

The leaderboard displays the profile picture of the user, as well as the number of posts they've made around your brand. The image below shows an example of a leaderboard showing in the lower third portion of the display:

Social Media Contests with Leaderboards

There are several ways to incorporate a leaderboard into your next campaign or event:

  • Hashtag Engagement: you can createa a leaderboard that monitors posts around a certain hashtag. And so the most active users around a certain hashtag can be eligible for a prize or special mention at the end of the campaign or event
  • Employee Engagement: Engage your employees by having them post about your brand with a particular hashtag. At your next quarterly meeting, call out your best and loudest employees for talking most about your company.
  • Brand Engagement: You don't necessarily need to focus on any single hashtag for your leaderboard. Use any mention of any of your brand's accounts as a tracking mechanism, and have your most active fans show up on your leaderboard.

Adding a leaderboard to your social media wall doesn't have to be a complicated matter. In fact, it can be as simple as enabling an option on your Spotlyte social media wall. Let us know if you're interested and we can enable it on your social wall.

Blocking Yourself and Spammers

The leaderboard provides you options to prevent tracking of certain users in the leaderboard. This is useful because you may have your own official accounts tweeting the same hashtags, or partner accounts that you may not want to appear in the leaderboard.

Prohibiting yourself, partners, or spammers from appearing on the leaderboard will help keep the focus on your audience.

Display Options

The Leaderboard is currently available in the Event based themes such as Waterfall, Billboard, and the Featured Hub. Over time, we will make it available on some of the Web based themes as well so that your web audience can participate as well.

There are also 2 display types for the Leaderboard. You can choose to have it show in the lower third:

Social Media Leaderboard - Lower Third

Or the Leaderboard can show full screen as part of a 'Featured' slide collection:

Social Media Leaderboard - Featured

Refer here for our blog about 'Featured' content and how you can use it in your next social media display wall.

Each has it's own benefits. In the "lower third" leaderboard, your real time social media posts and leaderboard continually remain on the display. Thereby keeping your audience's attention throughout. For the "featured" leaderboard, the leaderboard periodically takes up the entire screen to show the top posters. This enables your regular feed to take up the entire screen, and only periodically gets interrupted by the featured content ( which will include the leaderboard ). The featured leaderboard also is able to show a few more top posters due to the fact that it has more screen real estate to display.

Configuring between the "lower-third" or "featured" leaderboard is quite simple and accomplished using the Spotlyte Display Editor. Simply change your setting here:

Social Media Leaderboard - Display Configuration

Using Leaderboards at your next event is a great way to engage your live audience. A real time leaderboard will show your audience who's the most active in social media at the event. This not only increases engagement at your event, but also boosts your brand and event awareness for people who aren't at the event but sees their friend's or colleague's posts. Spotlyte leaderboards takes all the complexity out of managing a real time leaderboard in your next campaign. Send us a message if you're interested in activating one for your next event or campaign.

UPDATE August 2018: read more about the new Leaderboard feature that enables you to define variable points for even higher engagement with your audience.

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