spotlyte destination marketing with ugc

Destination Marketing With UGC

Effective Travel Content Marketing

Visual Content For Travel Marketing

Empowering Destination Marketing Organizations (DMO) around the world to leverage user generated content (UGC) to create captivating digital properties to attract new visitors. Create a dynamic stream of authentic images and voices on your website to drive more travellers to your destination.

Authentic Stories

A generation of travellers are getting their next travel idea from social media. Bring these authentic smiles from real visitors into your website and marketing strategy.

Increase Engagement

Everyday people are sharing, liking, and commenting on your destination. Discover these fans and potential new visitors and join the conversation. Grow social following and increase tourism.

Featured Locales, Featured Partners

Highlight your unique destination, or the can't-be-missed hole in the wall restaurant. Give more prominent visual display to special partners or influencers that will attract more visitors.

Increase traffic to partners or valued local establishments with strategic calls to action on the most engaging content.

Dynamic Galleries

Create authentic and dynamic web experiences with a constant stream of authentic user generated content. Launch contests and interactive campaigns that excite travellers.

Save time with a gallery that automatically updates with the best visual content. Customizable, modern and responsive galleries without any hassle

Social Tracking and Geofilters

Track and collect user content from all major social networks. Get the best user generated content from the top attractions, restaurants and sights from your destinations.

Define powerful rules to collect amazing geotagged or hashtagged user generated content.

Platform for all your Visual Content

Powerful curation, organizational, and management tools for all your visual marketing needs. All your user generated, professionally commissioned, and branded content in a single tool.

Upload and tag your owned and professional travel content to share between your entire team and use for all your marketing collateral.

Latest News and Updates for Spotlyte 2018

All the news for one of the best travel marketing tools in 2018. Spotlyte latest news and updates.

Collecting UGC by location for travel marketing

How to use user generated content at your local attractions and destinations for travel marketing

Embed Call To Actions in UGC Marketing

Using a social media aggregator for UGC marketing in travel industry

How Featured Content Helps Your Travel Content Marketing

Feature and highlight your best local attractions in your travel marketing with special featured and partner content

Increasing Engagement in Travel Marketing with UGC

Examples of User Generated Content for Increased Engagement in Travel Content Marketing

Embed Call To Actions in UGC Marketing

Using a social media aggregator for UGC marketing in travel industry

Make Travel Marketing Visual

Transform your website and marketing campaigns in minutes!

Create a UGC Gallery