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What is digital signage software?

Spotlyte makes managing content on your digital signage screens simple and hassle free. Spotlyte is a cloud based digital signage platform enabling businesses to manage static and dynamic content across all your screens and displays from anywhere in the world. Digital signage enables you to effectively keep your team and customers informed and engaged by sharing the latest news, announcements, videos, and live social media feeds on all your office displays, venue screens, and TVs.

Manage Screens Remotely

Deliver live and dynamic content to all your screens from anywhere. Cloud based content management allows you to manage your global screens from any computer or mobile device.

No Proprietary Hardware

Don't spend extra on proprietary hardware devices to turn your screens into a digital media signage screen. Don't get locked into expensive hardware that becomes obsolete after a year.

Use Spotlyte with your own screens, displays, and standard devices like: Mac Mini's, ChromeBoxes, ChromeBits, ChromeCasts. Easily broadcast all of your corporate, social media, and live content across all your screens.

Owned Content and Social Media on Digital Signage

Keep your digital displays updated with live and dynamic content by pairing Spotlyte's digital signage and social media aggregation tools. Keep employees and clients updated with corporate messages and slides. Easilly mix in live social media content from your social media team or user generated content.

Create Schedules and Loops

Easily create schedules, loops, and playlists of all your content for any screens.

Modify schedules and publish to all your screens with a push of a button.

Stunning displays and customizations

Flexible content and screen management solution enabling you to categorize and curate your content in several styles onto any number of screens. Modern templates and animations that makes your content look great and come alive.

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Why choose us over our competitors

Spotlyte is an alternative to Enplug, Spotlyte is a service that displays social media feeds along with corporate slides. Better Features, Better pricing.

Spotlyte is an alternative to Mvix, Spotlyte is a service to manage corporate and dynamic social content on a single screen.

Spotlyte is an alternative to ScreenCloud, Spotlyte is a modern digital media signage tool.

Spotlyte is an alternative to Sedna, Spotlyte is a simple cloud based service to manage your digital media displays.

Spotlyte is an alternative to Upshow, Spotlyte is a cloud based digital signage software tool

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