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  • Track Hashtags, Accounts, Keywords, and Locations
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  • Powerful Manual and Automatic Moderation Tools
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McDonald's All Day Breakfast Social Media Hub

social media hub for mcdonalds campaign

Powerful Moderation Tools

Choose and Highlight the best posts to tell your brand's story. Curate the best posts to show on your brand's social media widget.

Simple to Use Customizations

Simple yet powerful editors to create the most engaging social media displays with a few clicks of the button

Customize and create your social media hub using our powerful display editor. Using our social media hub creator, you can feature your brand's best content in an engaging and dynamic display.

Engage and Reach Your Audience

Interact and engage fans directly from your dashboard. Encourage more engagement with your brand by directing users with custom call to actions. Use your social media wall to gain new followers and fans.

Increase Engagement

Powerful interactive features to engage your audience. For example, screen takeover features to conduct Q&A or send notifications and important information to audiences.

Featured Content

Tag branded or sponsored content. Define how often it plays. Watch your Featured content slide in between your live, dynamic content

Display Anywhere

On your website, on mobile, on a conference projector, in a stadium display, or office lobby. Dynamic and modern social media walls to embed anwywhere.

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How to use the Spotlyte Display editor to customize your social media wall for your event, website, or campaign.

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How to add custom content to your social display. Content curation for your social media hub.

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