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Powerful Moderation Tools

Choose and Highlight the best posts to tell your brand's story. As social media's importance has increased, so has the potential risks for your brand, so it's important to have strong moderation capabilities built into yous social media wall tool. Being able to automate moderation as well as manually curate content is critical to a successful campaign. Curate the best posts to show on your brand's social media wall.

Simple to Use Customizations

Simple point and click editor to design an engaging and dynamic social media wall for websites or live displays.

Customize and create your social media wall using our powerful display editor. Using our social media wall creator, you can feature your brand's best content in an engaging and dynamic display.

Engage and Reach Your Audience

Interact and engage fans directly from your dashboard. Including a social media wall has shown to increase engagement and social conversations. Encourage more engagement with your brand by directing users with custom call to actions. A social media wall is a great way to gain new followers and fans as it brings all of your community into one digitial space to discover and interact.

Social Aggregation and Tracking

Simple to use platform to track and stay up to date on all the social content around a brand, topic, or location. Enhance your destination marketing with user generated content.

Increase Engagement

Add Call To Actions inside UGC.

Engaging widgets designed to decrease bounce rates and increase purchases. Immediately see the best content generated by your fans, and then engage them by messaging them for attribution as you share it onto the public display.

Featured Content

Easily create branded hashtag campaigns. Tag branded or sponsored content. Define how often it plays. Watch your featured content slide in between live, dynamic UGC content.

Platform for all your Visual Content

Powerful curation, organizational, and management tools for all your visual marketing needs. All your user generated, professionally commissioned, and branded content in a single tool.

Upload and tag your owned and professional travel content to share between your entire team and use for all your marketing collateral.

Fully Featured

  • Track Hashtags, Accounts, Keywords, and Locations
  • Brandable Social Media Wall For Displays and Websites
  • Powerful Manual and Automatic Moderation Tools
  • Best Social Media Feed Widget
  • Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and more

Must Have Features For Your Social Media Wall

Most important features to have in your social media wall for your next event

Social media walls and digital signage

Transforming your digital signage display into a live social media wall

Adding Custom Content To Social Media Wall

How to add custom content to your social media display. Content curation for your social media hub.

How To Organize UGC in Your Social Media Wall

How to use categories to organize user generated content in a social media wall

Aggregating social media by location in your social hub

Display social media content by location in your social media display

How to create a social media wall for your next conference

Step by step tutorial on creating a social media wall for your next event display

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Spotlyte is an alternative to Tagboard, Spotlyte is a service that displays social media feeds. Better Features, Better pricing.

Spotlyte is an alternative to Tintup, Spotlyte is a service to manage user generated content for your social media wall.

Spotlyte is an alternative to RebelMouse, Spotlyte is a service for dynamic content management system for user generated content.

Spotlyte is an alternative to Stackla, Spotlyte is a service for social media wall solution

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