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  • Do you need a simple way to collect all your social media content from all of your marketing campaigns, product activations, or events?
  • Need a simple way to create your next branded social media widget?
  • Ever wonder which product your customers prefer most?
  • Do you want to create buzz around your next product activation with user generated content?

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Increase your brand loyalty with a user generated content content hub. Your fans are already raving and posting photos of your product, make them feel heard! Highlight your best user generated content and display that on your Spotlyte Social Media Widget on your website. Customize your Spotlyte Media Wall to match your brand's color and logos. Display the Spotlyte Live Stream at your event and keep your fans engaged throughout the entire event!

Hashtag Marketing Campaign

Le Club Accor Hotel and MasterCard Hashtag Contest. User Generated Content on Instagram.

Branded Social Media Hubs

Homepal Digital Properties. Earned and Owned Social Media Hub.

Branded Product Activations

Diageo and J&B's JBMet Campaign. UGC helps boost audience engagement at live events.

Increase Customer Engagements

Starbucks Loyalty Program. Increase Brand Engagement on Social Media.

Content Categories For Social Media Feed

How to automatically sort content from your social media stream into different content categories.

Social Media Engagement at SuperBowl 50

An inside look at social media campaigns at SuperBowl 50.

Must Have Features for Social Media Wall

Most important features to have in your social media wall for your next event.

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