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  • Looking for a way to boost your message across all channels?
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Boost the buzz around your community, campaign, or university. Aggregate all the social content and display it in a stunning social media widget on your website.

Highlight Alumni

Create social media campaigns to highlight the best and brightest of your University. Create your campaigns and displays in minutes and embed on any webpage

Promote Your Culture and Attract the Next Generation

Show everyday life on campus with posts and images directly from your student body and community

Broadcast Student Excitement

Highlight the student buzz in the stands at the next home game

How To Boost Employee Engagement

Why engaging your employees and boosting engagement is critical to the success and health of your organization.

How To Create Your Social Media Hub

Step by step example for creating social media hub for your organization

Picking a Good Hashtag For Your Next Campaign

How to pick a good hashtag to increase engagement within community

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