spotlyte social media wall for stadiums

Score With Spotlyte

Spotlyte your team and hear your fans roar

Make Your Fans Feel Like Part of the Team

  • Do you need a simple way to collect all your social media content from all of your games in the season?
  • Ever wonder which pitcher your fans want to see start? Or their favorite concession stand item?
  • Do you want to keep your fans cheering throughout the season?

Spotlyte Your Game

Make your fans feel like they're truly part of the game. Your fans are already cheering and discussing your team and players, make them feel heard! Highlight your fan's best content and display that on your Spotlyte Media Wall. Customize your Spotlyte Media Wall to match your team's color and logos. Display the Spotlyte Live Stream at your event and keep your fans engaged throughout the entire game!

Beam Your Fans onto the Stadium Display

Increase the audience excitement and engagement

Live and Dynamic

New content automatically shows front and center. Displays that animate and come alive to engage your audience.

Must Have Features for Social Media Wall

Most important features to have in your social media wall for your next event.

More Social Media Campaigns At SuperBowl 50

More social media campaigns from SuperBowl 50

Spotlyte On London Venue Awards

Spotlyte on the inaugural London Venue Awards at Emirates Stadium

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