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Event Social Media Walls

Show real time content on your Event screen

Modern Event Social Wall

More than just a Twitter wall. Spotlyte is a modern social media wall with engaging themes, powerful engagement features, and unique scheduling capability to loop between different visualizations of your content.

Constantly growing list of visualizations to highlight the best live audience and attendee content at your next conference or event.

Dynamic and Live Social Content

New content automatically shows front and center. Displays that animate and come alive to engage your audience. Use a live social media wall for your next event. Broadcast a live social media feed to your audience.

Live Event Displays at Any Size

On small monitors or large stadium displays. Beautifully designed themes ensured to look good across all displays and resolutions. You and your user's social media content on any digital signage.

Content Moderation and Management

Choose and Highlight the best posts to showcase your brand at the event. Easily categorize and curate content with team based management. Automatic moderation rules to define complex rules to simplify moderation of live social media content. Moderate and upload content directly from yoru mobile device.

Event Wall Customizations

Simple yet powerful editors to create the most engaging displays with a few clicks of the button. Point and click your way to stunning visual displays featuring your brand and your audience.

Customize and create your social media wall using our powerful display editor. Using our social media wall creator, you can feature your attendee's best content in engaging and dynamic display.

Branded and Sponsored Content

Feature your sponsors and their content. Generate revenue with your event's social media wall with tools to easily incorporate your sponsors and special sponsored messages on your live social media wall.

Use the 'Feature' tag to identify special content so that it will display more prominently. Specify the frequency that Featured content is displayed. Turn your moderated social media feed into a sponsored channel of live content.

Increase Event Engagement

Simple to use tools to increase social media engagement. Send announcements, sponsored content, screen takeovers for Q&A and more to your social wall in real time.

Social Media Contests and Competitions

Live Leaderboard Tracking. Track and display your most active attendees with a live social leaderboard. Initiate a contest to increase social media posts around your event and brand.

Janet Jackson State of the World Tour Social Media Wall

live social media walls for Janet Jackson State of the World 2017 - #JJSOTW17

Fully Featured

  • Track Hashtags, Accounts, Keywords, and Locations
  • Endless visualization and Customization Options
  • Powerful Manual and Automatic Moderation Tools
  • Moderated Twitter Walls
  • Best Live Social Media Feed for your Event
  • Live Social Media Display

Must Have Features for Social Media Wall

Most important features to have in your social media wall for your next event.

Event Social Wall How-To

Tutorial on creating an event social wall

Checklist For Your Event's Live Social Media Wall

Tips on how to best utilize a live social media display to increase attendee engagement

More Social Media Campaigns At SuperBowl 50

How live social media displays, product activations, and campaigns were used by the largest brands

For web, mobile, and email campaigns
For streaming social, branded content on TVs, displays, and other signage devices
For streaming audience and live social content on TVs and displays. Perfect for conferences, concerts, and events.
For all digital and signage features in one amazing package

Digital Starter For digital marketers looking to create a campaign in minutes

Digital Engagement For digital marketers looking to boost content and campaign performance

Digital Performance For digital marketers managing multiple campaigns

Digital Enterprise For global brands or agencies managing multiple campaigns or clients using the most advanced tools

  • 35 Filters
  • Auto/Rule Based Moderation
  • Custom Posts
  • Advanced Engagement Tools
  • Compare Plans...

Signage Starter For small brands and businesses to show social content in TVs around the lobby or business

Signage Performance For large brands and businesses to show all your social content in your lobby or business

Signage Enterprise For global offices and brands with unique content at each location

Standard Event For event planners that need an easy tool to create a live social media wall

Deluxe Event For event planners looking to increase engagement and incoporate sponsors on a live social media wall

  • 10 Filters
  • 1 Schedule Loop
  • Featured/Sponsored Posts
  • Engagement Tools ( Leaderboards )
  • Compare Plans...

Ultimate Starter For teams looking to create a campaign for digital and signage screens in minutes

Ultimate Performance For teams looking to boost content and digital campaign performance for multiple channels

  • 15 Filters
  • All Web & Signage Themes
  • Custom Posts
  • 3 Schedule Loop
  • Compare Plans...

Ultimate Enterprise For global teams managing multiple campaigns reaching audiences on digital and signage channels

  • 35 Filters
  • All Web & Signage Themes
  • 7 Schedule Loop
  • Advanced Engagement Tools
  • Compare Plans...
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