Spotlyte Engagement Tools

What is Social Media Engagement?

Effective engagement on social media is about customer communication and forming a relationship with your audience or customer.

Spotlyte enables you to increase and create effective engagement opportunities with fans on mobile, web, or social.

Authentic Stories

Authentic stories, voices, and images increase engagement. Create an authentic story around your brand using content from your own audience and around the Web. Easy to use tools to build responsive, engaging experiences.

Call To Actions

Add special call to actions to posts and help your fans engage further with your brand. Create global or post specific call to actions to drive further sign ups or purchases. Convert your best user generated content into real business goals.

Automatic Curation

Save time by automatically discovering and featuring your community's best content. Engage your fans by featuring their content on your website. Specify rules to automatically ban unrelated or spam content.

Automatic Categorization and Call To Actions

Automatically sort and organize your content into Categories. Use Categories to create displays and widgets focused on certain content. Create call to actions that apply to all content within a category. Define rules to automatically categorize new content as it's collected.

Listen and Interact

24/7 monitoring of the conversations around your brand from across the web and social. Get alerted to trending or breaking news. Interact and communicate directly from all your managed accounts from a single dashboard.

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Why choose us over our competitors

Spotlyte is an alternative to Tagboard. Spotlyte is a service to increase social media engagement. Better Features, Better pricing.

Spotlyte is an alternative to Tintup. Spotlyte is a service to increase social media engagement with UGC marketing.

Spotlyte is an alternative to RebelMouse. Spotlyte is a service to use user generated content to increase social media engagement

Spotlyte is an alternative to Stackla. Spotlyte is a service to boost social media engagement using a dynamic content management system

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