Social Media Aggregator

What is a Social Media Aggregator and How Is It Useful For Your Brand?

A social media aggregator gathers posts from social media networks and around the web. Aggregators enable moderation and curation of content before displaying them on websites or live social media walls. Social media walls drive engagement with a mixture of user generated content and branded content in a powerful new way. Companies and brands can create unique brand experiences by bringing customers and fans to their digital properties to engage with their content, which was not possible with more traditional forms of social media marketing.

Social Proof

Social media aggregators also increase the buzz factor and social proof of marketing campaigns by displaying real-time posts from actual fans and customers. Create an authentic story around your brand using content from your own audience and around the Web. User generated content and influencer marketing is more important than ever before, and Spotlyte social media displays makes creating campaigns a snap rather than a chore.

Campaign Ready

Brands have been flocking to social media aggregators like never before to leverage the new breed of high quality influencer level user generated content as well as the breadth of content created by the fans and customers. Creating visually engaging experiences to capture your audience's attention is key in today's crowded digital landscape.

Not long ago, creating a unique and visually stunning website or display meant building one yourself with your own team of designers and developers. And in the fast moving social networking space where APIs change in a whim, this can be a costly long term investment. However, there are services now that not only let brands create highly visual and brandable social media displays, but also come with a suite of customization, moderation, and branding tools to simplify the creation of marketing campaigns.

Powerful And Simple

Save time by automatically discovering and featuring your community's best content. Engage your fans by featuring their content on your website. Specify rules to automatically ban unrelated or spam content.

Spotlyte built-in all the tools necessary for you to aggregate and collect your social media, create a stunning website or display in minutes. It really is that easy using a social media aggregator.

Batteries Included

Spotlyte includes other helpful tools, including automatic moderation based on rules, content categories, leaderboard contests, call to action annotations, and much more. A social media aggregator with all the bells and whistles to make your job simpler.

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