User Generated Content Marketing

What is User Generated Content Marketing

User Generated Content or UGC Marketing leverages user created content to create a branded marketing experience or campaign. UGC marketing has existed in some form or another throughout the years, starting from basic user reviews. However, the newer form of UGC marketing takes advantage of the fact that mobile devices have become personalized content studios. Users are becoming more savvy with the images and videos they create, and the relationship between a customer and brands they love has become closer than ever. Arising from this confluence of an ever increasingly intelligent customer base, powerful mobile devices, and social networks is this new and more powerful UGC marketing. Essentially, taking or collaborating with your users and customers to show your brand and product in it's best light. UGC marketing campaigns is a great way for brands to boost recognition and sales.

Social Proof

Social media aggregators also increase the buzz factor and social proof of marketing campaigns by displaying real-time posts from actual fans and customers. Create an authentic story around your brand using content from your own audience and around the Web. User generated content and influencer marketing is more important than ever before, and Spotlyte social media displays makes creating campaigns a snap rather than a chore.


An even newer brand of UGC marketing employes the concept of influencers. These are essentially people that have built up a large readership or followers and trust within their domain. Therefore, the content they share with their audience is more valuable to the brand since it reaches more customers, and comes from a more trusted source.

Aggregate UGC

Social media aggregators are an important tool in the UGC marketing space. You need a tool that will constantly and continually pick up your relevant UGC from all your social networks. As a marketer, your tool suite should enable you to set the content you want to pick up and moderate and ban, preferably through automated rules, the content that isn't relevant or on message.

Boost UGC

A study by Mary Meeker a few years ago showed that UGC was exploding across all social network platforms. This trend doesn't appear to be slowing down, and in fact has only picked up steam in the past few years. It's imperative your next marketing campaign employs UGC to encourage higher engagement.

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