by David T on Sun 08 April 2018

Digital signage is a great way to turn TVs in your office, lobby, or store into an engaging display. Older signage technology required managing the content in a manual, time consuming process of creating, uploading, and ordering content. Often times this would lead to stale, boring displays with out of date content. Or worse, you assign a static image to each display and that sits on your TV all day long for months. I would bet this isn't what organizations and businesses had in mind when they invested in digital signage technology.

With Spotlyte, digital signage is modernized with dynamic, live user generated content constantly updating and filling the screen in exciting and animated displays. This continual stream of new content minimizes the time you need to spend on worrying about producing or managing content for your signage screen, and keeps your audience, customers, or employees engaged and interested in the display. Your digital signage doesn't have to be a boring slide loop that your audience ignores and walks past every day.

Reports shows that 63% of people indicate that digital signage catches their attention. And a whopping 84% of retailers believe digital signage creates significant brand awareness. But all of these great stats rely on engaging and relevant content.

The best part about putting social media on your digital signage display is that the content stays fresh and relevant. For most companies and organizations, investing in social media is already a core part of the marketing strategy. That means you're already generating content for social media, and engaging and encouraging your followers to post content about your brand. All of that branded and user generated content can be easily repurposed with Spotlyte to be shown in your office or lobby display. The video below shows an example digital signage screen with social media content:

The Spotlyte platform simplifies the process of putting a live social media feed onto your TV screens. Simply specify the social media content you want to pull in. Setup some moderation rules. Pick from a collection of templates designed for digital signage and broadcast it to all of your screens. It really is that simple.

Transforming your screen into dynamic, relevant, and branded content is a snap with newer technology. And you don't have to sacrifice the ability to control or moderate the content that appears. And with the Spotlyte platform, you can still upload and organize your corporate static slides and have them loop through in between the dynamic social media content.

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