by David on Wed 14 August 2019

We launched Spotlyte 5 years ago to help companies and organizations boost social media engagements. We had no idea the different types of customers would find Spotlyte's social media and user generated content (UGC) tools useful. During this time, we continued adding features and capabilities to our platform from our roadmap and also from user feedback. After 5 years of additions, the Spotlyte content management dashboard and interface was beginning to show its age and become unwieldy and was limiting our pace in incorporating new ideas and features into the product.

We finally decided to take a break from feature additions and took a long look at our UI and UX, factoring in our use cases as well as where we see it going in the next few years. We think it's a much cleaner interface to help you manage your campaigns, content, and visualizations.

Managing Content

One of the first thing we noticed was that we had several different places in the old interface where you could add and manage your content. A user was forced to look and click in various parts of the dashboard whether they were customizing the automatic content aggregator source feeds, adding content from the Web, or creating brand new custom content. We recognized the confusion, so we combined all the various content creation and management actions into a single and very visible "Content" button. This is one of the first stops you'll make in your Spotlyte dashboard so we wanted to make it easily accessible. Clicking "Content" will open a menu of various content actions as shown below:

Spotlyte Content Management

Create and organize your content in your campaigns much more easily now with this new organization and consolidation of content actions.

Content Moderation

Of course creating and aggregating all of this content requires simple and powerful tools to quickly sort and moderate your content. And now with 5 years of observations and feedback from you we've introduced a new "Moderation Mode" that enables quicker, simpler moderation of content.

Enter "Moderation Mode" by toggling the switch in the dashboard panel. In this mode, any moderated content will immediately be removed from the current view so that you focus on only the content that needs to be moderated.

Use the powerful selection and bulk moderation features to quickly select and moderate multiple items at once.

Managing Visualizations

Another powerful but often overlooked feature in the Spotlyte platform was the ability to create multiple visualizations of your Spotlytes. Multiple visualizations enables teams to customize a marketing campaign and distribute it across multiple mediums, including your event screens, websites, newsletters, and office displays. The flexibility of having your dynamic content broadcast live across all these various mediums enables marketing teams to leverage their user generated content campaign.

Visualizations enables team to simply and easily run multiple channel marketing campaigns. Reach the audience where ever they might be, and keep the conversation and engagement flowing.

In the Display Editor, the Visualization button is centered in the screen and enables you to create ( and delete ) visualizations as required by your campaign. Need galleries to fill your travel marketing website or just a panel in a newsletter, or maybe in the navigation footer of your main page, create independent visualization for each gallery.

Spotlyte Visualization Management

The redesign of the Spotlyte user interface is only a small portion of the changes that were made as part of this roll out. There are also a ton of new features sprinkled throughout, as well as a roll out of our new "Sliding Rows" theme that's great for digital signage screens or live social media walls. A lot of upgrades and enhancements were made in our backend as well that should make the experience faster for you and your audience. We'll look at some of those updates in a future blog post.

What's most exciting about this release is that it sets up the Spotlyte platform for a long future. We'll be developing and rolling out a suite of new features that fit into this new UX framework. We're excited to have you along for the ride.

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