We often get asked by potential users about how hard it is to create a live social media feed to show on displays at an event. They're always surprised by our answer when we tell them they can create an event social media wall in minutes with Spotlyte.

We know it's hard to believe that you can create a social media wall like the one below from the CBS broadcast of the 2018 Tony Awards:

But it's true. Keep reading and see how.

The overall steps for creating a live social wall are straight forward:

  1. Specify the social filters to pull in. You can use #hashtags, locations, profiles, or pages on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and more.
  2. Choose a display template that best shows your audience's content. Spotlyte gives you several display templates to pick from.
  3. Customize your display with your Event or Conference Hashtag or theme. Add background, specify colors, and fonts so your wall is unique to your event.
  4. Broadcast your Spotlyte social media wall on TVs, monitors, and screens throughout your event
  5. Sit back and enjoy all the live user generated content flowing to your screens

Let's take a look at this short video to see the steps to create your live social media display:

Easy, right? Really, that's it. All you need is a few minutes in Spotlyte and a screen to broadcast your live media wall and your event wall is complete.

But wait! Spotlyte enables you to do even more with your social media wall. Follow these links to see some of the additional things you can do:

  1. Increase social media activity. Use our real time leaderboard to implement your social media contest.
  2. Include sponsors or partner content on your social media display.
  3. Moderate what appears on your social media wall.
  4. Create even more dynamic displays that continually alternate between visualizations. Use display loops to schedule different content onto your display.

Create your Spotlyte social media wall now for free.

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