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Curate the Latest News and Buzz around a Story

Discover and Share the Best Content

  • Do you need a simple publishing platform to aggregate the best content across the web and social?
  • Want to quickly discover and curate the latest content around any topic or news story?
  • Keep your readers coming back and reading longer for the most up to date content

Make your page a top destination around any topic. Our content crawlers will keep your news feed queued up with fresh items to publish. Curate the best and most interesting posts and articles to share with your readers. The modern publisher needs to be able to curate content effectively and efficiently while following some golden rules of content curation:

  • Unique content must be included in the curated content
  • Don't curate spam (or share high quality content)
  • Add value for your reader
  • Build relationships with your curation sources
Using the proper tool will simplify and maximize your content curation efforts.

Automatic content discovery and publication

Our powerful rules filters enable your team to define your own and public content to aggregate and publish. Become a must read destination for your audience with fresh, dynamic content daily. Use content aggregation as your secret weapon.

Custom and Special Content

Add any content you discover across the web that you want to share with your readers. Incorporate special sponsored content directly and seamlessly.

Organize Your Content

Automatically sort and organize your content into Categories. Use Categories to create displays and widgets focused on certain content. Create call to actions that apply to all content within a category. Define rules to automatically categorize new content as it's collected.

Powerful Editorial Tools

Control which content shows up in your feed. Pin and feature the best articles. Control and be the best editor of your brand and your content.

Designed for the modern audience

Keep your readers engaged and reading longer with themes and tools catered for rich media and video. Mobile ready and responsive themes to guarantee your readers can access you from any device. Social ready with built-in social sharing functions to encourage readers to share your content and brand.

Content Display Editor

Ready-made themes that puts your content and sponsors front and center. Increase readership and engagement with optimized social sharing capability. Create branded and themed pages in just a few minutes with all your aggregated social media content.

Measure Content Engagement

Discover the content your audience engaged with the most on your page. Report engagement numbers to your sponsors and advertisers.

Real Time Content Curation Tool

Why today's publisher needs a tool to discover, curate, and publish the most timely, relevant content for trending news

Introducing The Digital Magazine Theme

How to use the Spotlyte Display editor to customize your social media wall for your event, website, or campaign.

Curated Content With Categories

How to automatically categorize and sort your content in your social media feed with categories.

Why choose us over our competitors

Spotlyte is an alternative to Tintup, a content management system for uesr generated content. Spotlyte is an alternative to Tintup.

Spotlyte is an alternative to Stackla. Spotlyte is a service that turns user generated content into dynamic websites.

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