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For web, mobile, and email campaigns
For streaming social, branded content on TVs, displays, and other signage devices
For streaming audience and live social content on TVs and displays. Perfect for conferences, concerts, and events.
For all digital and signage features in one amazing package

Digital Starter For digital marketers looking to create a campaign in minutes

Digital Engagement For digital marketers looking to boost content and campaign performance

Digital Performance For digital marketers managing multiple campaigns

Digital Enterprise For global brands or agencies managing multiple campaigns or clients using the most advanced tools

  • 35 Filters
  • Auto/Rule Based Moderation
  • Custom Posts
  • Advanced Engagement Tools
  • Compare Plans...

Signage Starter For small brands and businesses to show social content in TVs around the lobby or business

Signage Performance For large brands and businesses to show all your social content in your lobby or business

Signage Enterprise For global offices and brands with unique content at each location

Standard Event For event planners that need an easy tool to create a live social media wall

Deluxe Event For event planners looking to increase engagement and incoporate sponsors on a live social media wall

  • 10 Filters
  • 1 Schedule Loop
  • Featured/Sponsored Posts
  • Engagement Tools ( Leaderboards )
  • Compare Plans...

Ultimate Starter For teams looking to create a campaign for digital and signage screens in minutes

Ultimate Performance For teams looking to boost content and digital campaign performance for multiple channels

  • 15 Filters
  • All Web & Signage Themes
  • Custom Posts
  • 3 Schedule Loop
  • Compare Plans...

Ultimate Enterprise For global teams managing multiple campaigns reaching audiences on digital and signage channels

  • 35 Filters
  • All Web & Signage Themes
  • 7 Schedule Loop
  • Advanced Engagement Tools
  • Compare Plans...
Save more by signing up annually and get the 12th month free
Sign up for an event plan up to a month in advance to engage your audience.
All features are active during the setup period so you can configure and test your social media wall
Need a live social media wall for an event? Sign up for one of our Event plans starting at $100/day
See the detailed comparison of the plans

How long are your contracts?

We have 3 options:

  1. Day - Need Spotlyte for an event? Sign up for our Event plan, and pay for each day of your event. All Event plans come with a month long setup period before your event day to configure and test your wall and engage your audience.
  2. Monthly - Recurring monthly plans. Upgrade or Cancel at any time directly from your Account page.
  3. Annual - Sign up for a year on any plan, and get the 12th month free. Payment is up front, for the entire year.

Do you offer other plans?

We're showing our most popular plan options, but do you have specific requirements. We're flexible and we'd love to work with you, contact our accounts team at

We need both Digital Web and Signage solutions?

We have Ultimate plans that incorporate both Digital Web + Signage features in one package. Contact our accounts team at for more information.

Do you offer a trial period?

Yes, as soon as you sign up you will be started on our 14-day free trial of our Ultimate Trial plan which is a combination of our Digital Web and Signage products. This gives you plenty of power to create, monitor, and display all types of Spotlytes.

Can I customize Spotlyte with my branding?

Absolutely, our powerful visualization editor enables you to style and customize your display with your own branding and theme. Customize your Spotlyte with banners and call to actions. Pick any one of our popular themes that suits your website or your display.

We're a non-profit/educational organization...

Try us out, we love working with you. Contact us at for special discounts for your organization.

Do you offer agency plans?

Of course, we work with lots of agencies to help them manage and monitor their client's social media. Our solution frees you from staring at your client's social feeds throughout the day and focus on more creative aspects of building your agency. We also offer white label solutions to resell to your clients, contact our accounts team at for more information.

I'm still not sure...

If you've read this far, you could have already created your first Spotlyte. Seriously, it's THAT easy. Spotlyte will change your life! ( OK, maybe just wow you for the next 10 minutes ). Give it a try, and if you have questions, somebody on the team is normally hanging around to chat.