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  • Do you need a simple way to collect all your social media content from all of your marketing campaigns, product activations, or brands?
  • Want to add social proof and social reviews to your website or store?
  • Ever wonder which product your customers prefer most?
  • Looking for a simple and easy to use visual marketing solution?

Retail and In-Store

Highlight your best products and all the people that love your products. UGC marketing converts fans to customers. Your fans are already raving and posting photos of your product, make them feel heard! Leverage their photos and comments to increase sales. Choose the best visualization to display your products. Customize your Spotlyte Media Wall to match your brand's color and logos.

Generate More Revenue

Convert User Generated Content Into Shoppable Product Galleries. Simple to use tool to make your shoppable Instagram feed.

In-Store Displays

Convert your empty wall space into dynamic user content of your products. Turn User Generated Content into more sales and fans.

Engage customers with special promotions and offers

Add custom promotions to your wall, or tag posts with specific call to actions to entice users with special promotions.

Create Widgets and Promotions for Product Categories

Automatically define and collect content into your product categories. Collect user generated content and create specific call to actions for each product category. Style and embed widgets into each of your product pages.

Measure And Amplify Most Effective Content

Analyze which user and owned content generates the most clicks and leads using engagement analytics. Determine which products are generating the most social media interest.

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