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  • Looking to create dynamic social hubs for your client's next marketing campaign?
  • Do you need a simple way to collect all the social media content from all of your client's accounts and campaigns?
  • Are you looking for a social media dashboard and widget that will automatically show the latest activity to your entire team?
  • Our powerful filters and options lets you control exactly what to monitor so that you can relax and focus on building your agency

Spotlyte Your Clients

Increase your team's productivity and effectiveness. Free your team from manually monitoring social content, and let the Spotlyte platform do all the listening work across the web. Sit back and focus on the creative aspects of your agency, and let our social media widget update your entire team.

Full suite of UGC themes

Quickly turnaround any client request with our full suite of UGC themes and customizations. Hashtag contests, branded social hubs, product activations, product galleries, and more.

Simple and Powerful Editor

Our customization editor enables you to quickly design web pages across several domains with a few clicks. Use our powerful Custom CSS editor to fully customize and personalize your design to your client's request.

Design multiple widgets and galleries for a single campaign to be used in all of your client's campaign collateral, including websites, mobile, email, and on-site. All from a single platform.

Team and Collaborator Control

Powerful team based tools that enables you to manage several clients from a single account. Provide team members or clients access to only specific parts of your dashboard and account.

Social Media Hub Control Center

How SuperBowl 50 organizers managed all that social media.

Social Media Engagement at SuperBowl 50

An inside look at social media campaigns at SuperBowl 50.

Must Have Features for Social Media Wall

Most important features to have in your social media wall for your next event.

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