User Generated Content Marketing

What is User Generated Content Marketing

User Generated Content or UGC Marketing leverages user created content to create a branded marketing experience or campaign. Businesses typically see amazing results when they combine UGC with marketing campaigns and contests. Large brands and businesses of any size can take advantage of user generated content marketing with today's modern tools and platforms.

Users are becoming more savvy with the images and videos they create, and the relationship between a customer and brands they love has become closer than ever. The intersection of an increasingly intelligent customer base, powerful mobile devices, and social networks is this new and more powerful UGC marketing. Essentially, taking or collaborating with your users and customers to show your brand and product in it's best light.

UGC marketing campaigns is a great way for brands to boost recognition and sales.

Build Community

User generated content increases the buzz factor and reinforces the vision and core values of your brand. Create an authentic story around your brand using content from your own audience and around the Web.

User generated content enables your customers to engage and interact with brands and businesses. Using a platform to aggregate and display all your UGC helps build a strong community of around your brand.

Brand Ambassadors and Influencer Marketing

An even newer brand of UGC marketing employes the concept of influencers. These are essentially people that have built up a large number of followers and trust within their domain or micro community. The content they share with their audience is more valuable to the brand since it reaches more customers that are more closely aligned with that brand's vision, and comes from a more trusted source.

Increase Conversion Rates

User generated content has been shown to increase conversion rates. Being mentioned or having content shared by a brand is fun and exciting for consumers, and helps them feel closer to the brand. UGC is word of mouth for the social age. As visitors see other users enjoying, experiencing your product they will have a higher likilihood of being a customer themselves.

UGC helps build brand trust and credibility.

Authentic Voices

Real users doing real activities with your brand is a powerful message.

User generated content highlights authentic visual content from customers of your brand. In digital web campaigns, email newsletters, or live events encouraging and displaying user generated content is a powerful technique to feature your product.

UGC Contests

A study by Mary Meeker a few years ago showed that UGC was exploding across all social network platforms. Consider that:

  • Over 90% of consumers say UGC is helpful when making purchasing decisions.
  • UGC campaigns bring 30% higher conversions than traditional campaigns.

Improve your results by incorporating UGC and contests into your next marketing campaign or product launch.

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